Cannot find games

What the hell are you talking about? The article clearly points out that the PC market has eclipsed the Mobile market.

I hit a nerve or something? You seem incredibly hostile… I have my views and to be fair, you’re right the PC market is still massive, but overtime it will dwindle, you wait and see :+1:

the PC pop isn’t going to make any miraculous turnaround

Gbox just needs to give the bot modes full progression and make the bots miss a shot sometimes instead of having unerring aim.

The Gross Total of Platform wars allowed on this Forum:

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So let’s stop that right here.



i also cant find a single player to group up with for online pvp games.

not fun.

i ant believe this game is dead already.

You tell someone to present facts, then when facts are presented you turn around and start spouting theory and beliefs with no facts behind them?
That is the definition of hypocrisy. You need to be silent in this discussion.

Hey everyone, I did as suggested and in Steam went to Settings > Downloads > and set my Download Region to US.
I was then able to find a game in under a minute!
Give it a try and see if you have any luck.