Cannot Find Hero Keys

I’m playing on Xbox One. I bought the season pass today after seeing Alani. It’s been about two hours since I purchased the season pass and I still haven’t received a key to unlock Alani, is there something special I should do?

I have tried a hard restart and force quitting the game and neither worked.

Stupid question but have you just tried selecting her? She was locked for me, but when I clicked on her it asked me if I wanted to use my hero token ( or whatever it’s called).

That’s what it did on PC too, I clicked on her and the key menu poped up.

Yes, I have tried that, it just says that the character is not unlocked for my profile

Alternatively, at the command menu if you highlight the character an option along the lines of “use key to unlock” will show up in the bottom.

That option is not available. For some reason the game isn’t reading that I bought the season pass.

Did you restart after purchasing the pass? It’s possible that the game hasn’t caught up with you yet. There’s a thread in XB1 Support of folks experiencing similar issues, although it worked just fine for me. Then again, I’ve had the season pass since before launch.

I have the same problem just bought the season pass, and I am unable to unlock alani. Contacted Xbox support and it’s a widespread issue on the fkn server. Glad they can take the money and not rectify the issue brilliant

Please check the “Cannot unlock character” thread in XB1 tech support for posts by JoeKGBX: GBX are aware of the issue and working towards a solution.


It’s not just you I’ve been trying to get help with this from gearbox support but they only told me to unplug my Xbox and plug it back in. That doesn’t work and now they stopped responding to me. I think we just got ripped off.

That’s bizarre: they should know about both the issue and what’s needed to fix it by now, given all the people who sent in tickets. When was the last response from them?

Well after making a fourth ticket to complain about the lack of response on the previous ones and letting them know that I planned on taking legal action, they fixed it in twenty minutes yesterday morning.

When you get the inevitable “How did we do email”, I would suggest politely pointing to the multiple threads here and in the XB1 Tech Support section detailing the exact same problem. And then asking them why their front-line support staff aren’t made more aware of current continuing issues…