Cannot find how I got BL2

So, this is admittedly odd, but I cannot figure out from where I got Borderlands 2. I played it years ago, uninstalled it, and now want to play the free DLC. I have savegames on my computer for the game in ("Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2.

But I do not seem to own Borderlands 2 in Steam, nor anywhere else. It is not in GoG, it is not in Origin, it is not in Uplay. I have no clue how I installed and played it.

So, my admittedly odd question is: does anyone know of a way I can find out how I got BL2? I know I can buy it on sale right now, but I would prefer to use the version I already purchased.


If you are 100% sure you purchased it legitimately, the only logical thing I can think would be to check your email accounts the purchase might be tied to for an email notification from the purchase, or checking the transaction history of any payment method you might have used. Backtracking that way is how I keep track of forgotten purchases.

If you played it online you might be able to log into your Shift Account, and maybe through that system they might have some record of when you initially created your account and where/ how you played. I’m pretty sure all Windows version have been through Steam for the life of the game. What are the chances you used a previous Steam account?


OK, I think I figured out what happened, but am unsure I won’t have to rebuy the game…

I think I purchased a Steam key for Borderlands 2 via some site (e.g.,, and then claimed it via Steam. I think this would explain why it does not show up in my purchase history - I did not buy it from Steam, I merely inserted the purchased key and got the game.

If I am right, this means that Steam/Valve deleted the game from my inventory, because it does not show up there. This seems odd, but maybe they decided the key I used was invalid?

This is the only explanation I can come up with - I cannot find anything in my email, and I must have played via Steam.

Hmmmm… I bought Borderlands 1 & 2 via Amazon, which also ended up being Steam keys. They both have always showed up in my Library of games. Installed or not it shows the date I “acquired” the games and add-ons, which is the day I redeemed my key via the link you get sent when you buy a game from that third party. Between your steam account and the Shift system from Gearbox there should be some record of you accounts and the game having been part of it. I would contact Gearbox’s Shift support to try and see what they can track down, and likewise for Steam to get some answers.