Cannot find it on steam,

Looks like another pointless exclusivity deal alienating many of your player base. Lost my sale, and I’m sure Many, Many more, I hope the up front money was worth it. Such a shame for a game that I have been looking forward to for such a long time. Gearbox just lost my all of my respect, I wont be purchasing from you again.

Gearbox had nothing to do with it, 2K, the publisher, makes all the business decisions.


Late to the party huh? Dont let the door hit you on the way out.

It’s been fairly well known that Borderlands 3 is on a 6 month exclusivity deal with Epic.

This was announced back in April.

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shouldnt be a surprise. you want to play now? you have several options. you want to play on steam, then you got about 6 months to wait

I’ll say what I say to everyone else complaining about this. Have fun waiting 6 months while I enjoy the game ¯\ (ツ)


Don’t blame the developer for the Epic Exclusive period.

Blame Epic for choosing to pay publishers not to launch on steam rather than focus on improving the storefront in order to draw in people not interested in Fortnite.

Blame 2K for accepting the deal given to them so a few execs could enjoy a bonus at the expense of the consumer experience. Looking at other recent things about other titles published by Take Two the greed therein appears to be rising to alarming levels.

Blame Valve for being a bit too quiet during all this which is most likely due to how slow it generally is for Valve to take any form of action in response to things that happen.

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