Cannot get back into the facility of "Install Felicity"

In offline play,I cannot get back into “Install Felicity” in Lets Build a Robot Army for Borderland Presequel Xbox 360. Initially, I was able to get through the doo that she helped me pry open once in side, I saved and exited but now when I try to get back inside to finish install the arms/legs, there is no door/pane/switch etc. to enter. Also, she is not directing me to the original door that we pried open. That hanger door stays permanently shut. Have tried rebooting etc… Went online and connected to Xbox live to hopefully get an update. It says it checks and loads updates but this still doesn’t seem to work.
Love this game, please help…Thanks

I’m a little confused about how you are trying to enter that area - I don’t actually remember having to pry open a door once you’re in the facility where you install felicity (heh!) I’m guessing you either saved/quit or fast-travelled away, then tried to get back? What level/play-through are you? I might have a game you could join…

The level that that this issue is occurring is level 15 Offline play mode. I can enter the Titan Robot Production Plant and have made it passed the calibration of the turrets in the test facility. After that I was told to enter the locomotion and transit areas. I cleared the area of scavs, lunatics etc in the Locomotion Assembly area and then she instructed me to find the hanger door that is right under the Assembly Hanger sign, This is where I believe she had me press x to help lift the stuck door. Once inside this area you could see the legs/arms that were to be assembled to the rest of the bot. I quit/ saved at this point. When I came back, I could enter all of the facility’s previous areas except cannot get through to this area. Also, the games white square entry point is right where the hanger door is located. I now have completed all of the missions up to that point and the game won’t let me pass this area.

Ok, let me check my characters and see if I still have that mission available with one of them.

Sounds good, thanks for your help.

Well, I checked last night and I have one character about to start the whole mission (i.e. have yet to do part one from the train station). Unfortunately, my DSL modem decided to die just as I was about to post that information :frowning:

Hopefully I’ll be back on-line tonight, so will be able to help you out this week. I’m usually able to get on by ~7 eastern evenings, any time on Saturday, or Sunday afternoons/evenings. Let me know what works for you and what your GT is, and we’ll work something out.

Just an update that I’m back on-line, and am at the very start of the robot production facility.

Great, My game tag is buttstomper2 and 7 eastern time will work for me . should we try for Wednesday or Thursday? Let me know your GT and I will add to my invite. I actually started a new game from the beginning and now that one is stuck on level 11 Get a Stingray. Gearbox is trying to help but I’m wondering if Microsoft could possibly blocking the updates? Anyhow, thanks again

Weds. looks like it should work. GT is Alkymist96.

I don’t remember any glitches on “Get a Stingray” - where are you stuck? Also, I’ve been told by support that although the hotfixes are loaded as one of the first things when you start the game, they may not be fully applied when you hit “continue” to start the game, so if you’re in the habit of rushing into the actual game, you might want to slow down a bit.

Good news, it finally has started working and I stayed up till 2 AM this morning making sure I got through both “Get a Stingray” and “Lets Build a Robot Army”!!! I just hope it keeps working.
I ended up deleting and reloading the Compatibility Pack, cleared the Cache a bunch of times and then launched the game and it seems to be working.
Anyhow, thanks for all your great advise and support, I really appreciate it…

Glad you got it all sorted!