Cannot get Conference Call

The Kerblaster seems to be an additional drop. We’ve all reported getting a K-Blaster along with another dedicated drop. It shouldn’t affect the rates of the others.


As noted, there’s a few things in the Warrior’s designated drop pool in addition to the CC. Also, the 10% drop rate assumes you have the current digital version of the game or an older version with the last update patch (October 2015). If for some reason you’re running an unpatched older version, you’d be stuck with the 1:30 drop rate odds.


Not sure who your playing as, but I have acquired a little collection of CC’s farming the Sorcerer with Sal. Using the Deputy build he gets the job done in a very timely fashion.

I’ve also gotten several Flakkers, Volcanoes and Impalers.

I don’t believe I could farm the warrior as fast.

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I’ve killed Sorcerer Jack about 29 times so far and the one legendary that he dropped was the flaming leech grenade

I’ve killed Sorcerer Jack about 29 times so far and the one legendary that he dropped was the flaming leech grenade

Game gets a lot more fun when you learn to accept RNGesus for what it really is


It might take a while for it to drop. Both Handsome Jack and the Warrior have a very large loot pool. Then if you are after a particular element and parts you are going to be at it for a while.

So hopefully you have a comfy chair you can kick back in as you might be farming for a while. Or you may get lucky and have the one you want drop in under a hundred attempts.

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Just ask me ill give ya one

Keep going! According to my notes, in 100 runs I got 13 legendary drops; only one of those was a CC (a fire one at that!). That’s just the way random is…

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That’d be great !

Could just ask ya know or kill the warrior and farm the moonshot glitch

are you on ps4

I was doing it for science. And statistics. It’s a bit of an odd hobby.

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Sorry kinda a noob at this lol just got back into borderlands handsome collection and this forum

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Yeah I’m on PS4. PSN. NJK570

I ran the warrior for a week a couple years back to test his drop rates. Because before they increased the drop rates. He never dropped anything for me outside the main mission. But, after the drop rate increase. His legendary drops were about 1 in 10 for me.

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Funny this topic came up – just yesterday I got 4 (yes, four!) legendaries from Sorcerer Jack (3 grenades & a Black Hole shield). Have gotten a few CC’s in the past too.

My theory with yesterday’s haul is that it was more difficult than usual – a friend was going to come help but didn’t so I soloed with Maya. Took forever (half hour?)! Maya’s not my go-to boss killer. My Rubi kept me alive.

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Well after 16 hours total of farming. between the warrior and Jack. I’ve gotten 2 legendaries. It normally take me less than 5 min each run through too so you do the math. Maybe my game hates me m

I got plenty of CC from him, one is a perfect practicable bandit grip fire one. Even a torgue sight. Continue to grind and SOMETIMES it will be very rewarding

The CC can be a world drop as well so try the LLM’s, loot train and other farm sources…