Cannot get fast travel to the Fridge

While playing through an alt character I noticed that I do not have the fast travel location opened up through the Fridge. I have gone through there a few times, restarted the game both through the game menu and the Xbox menu. However this has had no affect on fixing it. What needs to be done to fix this on my end or am I SOL until the next patch?

Also sound cuts out while playing online multiplayer (the only fix being restart the game through Xbox home…)

did you go to the entire area to the highlands and back

Has the alt character completed the story missions that lead up to travelling to the Fridge? What’s the mission log say when you load up that character solo?

It’s sadly a common bug. I don’t what causes it but it’s happening in other areas too, this one seems to be the most common.
The first thing to do is go to the area itself and check the missing Fast Travel Station. If you use it but it still doesn’t show up on the list you could kill yourself nearby so respawn with it. I’ve heard of that fixing this bug.
Story progression might make it impossible too if you aren’t supposed to be there as has been mentioned before.

I tried a few of these and they didn’t work, however I let it sit for a few hours and then it started showing up… not sure what the deal was. Though I appreciate the advice and the help guys.

What u can do (from my experience):
Enter Fink’s Slaughter House and exit back to The Fridge. Save & Quit. Then, use the fast travel and travel to somewhere else.
Try to do the side quests - Swallowed Whole / The Cold Shoulder / Note for Self-Person.
Explore all The Fridge areas.