Cannot Get Moxxi's Heist to Install

I can Download Moxxi’s Heist, but it Will Not Install. I have over 250GB free on my PS4 Pro, Any Ideas ? I am running the Base Software, at Level 50 TVHM Level 1. Should I purchase the Ultra Deluxe Version to play Moxxi’s heist? If I do will I lose my game progress on the Standard Version of Software. Finding this very frustrating not being able to play this latest DLC

Moved to tech support.

After downloading the DLC, you should be able to just boot up the game, go to the poster in Sanctuary, click on it, and receive the mission (starts by going to talk to Moxxi).

What’re you seeing in your game?

(One thing I can think of that might be an issue is if your base game and the DLC were purchased for different regions.)

Yes I think that might be the reason, I split my time between Hong Kong and the UK, I bought the standard version in HK and I am trying to load this from the UK. So should I upgrade to the Deluxe version to be able to play, and If I do do I lose my Game Progress ??

Not sure what to suggest. If you buy the UK deluxe version, can you refund the purchase of the DLC? If not, then maybe just buy the standard game?

Yes I am ok with getting the money refunded for the DLC, What I am a little concerned with is losing my progress. So either way if I buy the UK standard version ( On Sale on the Playstation Store ) Or the Deluxe version. Will I lose my saved progress ? can You advise. I think buying the Deluxe version to get the moxxi’s heist will work out pretty much the same as buying the standard age with the DLC pack.

Your saves are connected to your PSN, so you should still have everything. Just make sure that (a) you have everything sync’d up to the cloud and (b) that when you delete the HK version you just delete the game, not the save data.

I’d also make a local backup to USB, but then I’m just naturally paranoid!

Ok thats brilliant, appreciate your help. Many thanks

Ok So i bought the Super Deluxe Version of the Game in the Uk. But I cannot seem to get it to pick up the Character save file for my Moze level 50 file. I can see the 2 files for the HongKong Disc on my system and the 1 user file on my system for the UK Super Deluxe build. Is there any way for me to copy these files to allow the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Disc to see these files, both are on at the level 1.08 build ?

Are they under different profile names? If so, I don’t think you can ‘merge’ them. If they’re under the same profile name but on different physical drives what you’ll need to do is use the save data management options on the PS4 to upload to the cloud (PS+ may be required?); once everything is sync’d up you should be able to sync back down again. Be careful when you’re doing this that you have the correct file(s) selected as otherwise you could end up over-writing a save.

No Using the same profile name, I have backed up to the Cloud and a USB Stick, I can download and overwrite the original files, and it all works well, its just that with the SuperDeluxe Disc is just picking up its own user setting files . not sure if i should erase the original application with the hk disc ?

With the Superdeluxe game it just starts up a brand new game !

Sorry to be such a trouble to you

I also deleted the Hong Kong Disc Application with the hope that I could copy the saved data to the UK Application, still does not allow me to do this. It seems as though It cannot be done, very frustrating, guess if I want to play the DLCs I need to start right from the beginning again !!! Which I really do not have the patience to do again.

I am just now getting to pay Moxxis DLC, recently logged onto a new PS4 since my disk drive went out on my other one. It transferred my season pass and everything else, but after downloading the DLC out of the game once I get back in it tells me to still purchase it. Which takes me to PS store to show it’s purchased and downloaded. Thought maybe I could delete it in system storage and redownload but going into storage I see there is a lock just next to the DLC and nothing else. 🤷

Your best bet would be to file a support ticket - not sure what’s going on there, although it sounds potentially like a licence issue.