Cannot get OBS to capture BL2 properly

I posted this on the OBS support forum but it ended up being left to rot with no activity other than mine. There are others there and on the internets with this issue but no OBS developer has bothered to respond and no legit workaround exists that I know of. So I ask here since this is a dedicated BL2 spot and my assumption is likely someone has a workaround or solution. :cowboy_hat_face: I get audio but no video, the post below can explain more and have my system specs and OBS log for reference. If need be I can post those here if it so pleases you all.

So, Borderlands and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel capture perfectly (TPS surprised me that it worked) as do all of my other steam library (mostly Bethesda games). So I’ve concluded this has to be specific to Borderlands 2–which is a damn shame since Borderlands 2 is my favorite all-time game and I wanna record the **** out of it.

So, anyone have any workarounds and or solutions? I prefer to try and get OBS to work since I have all of the codecs and video quality settings exactly perfect for my needs. Though, any help is greatly appreciated either way!

Oh and I didn’t see a sub-forum to put this in so if this is in the wrong spot please let me know before moving it!

What mode are you running it in for the game capture? I had to pick ‘specific window’ because I play with ‘fullscreen windowed’, though I rarely ever use OBS.

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I am running it full screen but not windowed. I tried all three options in that menu and I only get audio and no video with all of those three capture options.

Does “fullscreen windowed” have the title bar, menu bar and window border get captured?

Just tried it with your way and still get nothing but audio.

edit 2
Well **** I just fixed it. Apparently “capture 3rd party overlays” was the culprit. Though odd how this seemed to only be an issue with BL2 and not TPS or any other game? Anyway, I’ll leave this topic and these posts here in case anyone else in the future needs help. I also did use the fullscreen windowed mode as well.

Moved to the correct section. Carry on!

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