Cannot grind or find Flayer

I’ve never seen one drop from a Virus.
I’ve seen EOS drop a crap one though.
How coveted is the Flayer anyway?
It seems like everyone wants it.

It’s like one of the best SGs in the game. You can also use 2 Flayers + Hyperion Purple pistol in the grinder to get a Pro Revolution Legendary.


Looks like the May 19 Game Update made the Flayer a rare drop from the grinder now.
Not been able to get one, unless I use two Flayers.

got a flayer from the badass robots, on the way to the vaulthunter.exe entrance

Thanks for the info but I was already doing that. Used eight dlc’s + eight vanilla legendaries + eight purple shotguns at a time.

It’s the last legendary I want.

Try two longest yard lasers plus a purple shotgun

Just got two from grinder today in Concordia. Kanedas laser + nukem + purple tediore sg. Same recipe twice got it two out of three trys.

It is for damn sure badass. Keep grinding until you get a Rustler’s.

try to get a Doc’s, with a Jakobs grip
Rustler’s is rubbish on the Flayer

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Thanks for all the input, everybody. Farmed EOS today, he glitched three times in a row. After that, he dropped four Legendaries in a row. The last one was a Well Kept Flayer. Jakobs stock and grip, Torgue sight. Perfect except it wasn’t a Doc’s. I can live with that. Yeah, it’s pretty Bada$$ SG.

I am thoroughly sick of grinding though. EOS is a fun boss , so I’ll just farm him.

Maybe it was a parts thing, but the Rustler’s I ground completely outdid the Doc’s.

Man, that’s good enough in my book.

It was probably a parts thing, the Rustler’s prefix on the Flayer is not even an improvement on having no accessory at all…

DPS-wise, a Doc’s outperforms it in all scenarios, and when accuracy is concerned, it’s not even a contest.

The vertical grip accessory (Rustler’s) adds 2 pellets…a flat bonus. On guns that shoot 6 pellets, it’s a 33% improvement. But on a gun that already fires 15, it’s a very minor increase. Plus, the vertical grip does 2 more things: it improves fire rate (which is totally wasted on Jakobs shotguns like the Flayer) and it LOWERS accuracy. Having 2 more pellets, but having 4-5 less actually hit is no improvement.

The Doc’s prefix not only adds more DPS on average, but it also slightly improves accuracy, insuring that nothing is lost.

Have a look here: :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. With Lex and Lance’s recent advances in grinder genetics, I ought to be able grind a better Doc’s and give it a try.

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I spent the morning grinding for a flayer. I had massive success, but I think that is more of a product of beneficial RNG than anything I did.

My approach was to grind DLC2 Legendary + Other Legendary + Purple Shotgun

The DLC2 Legendary weapons were:

Luck Cannon
Proletariat Revolution

The Other Legendary weapons, which were a mix of DLC 2 weapons and “original game wepons” were:

Viral Marketer
Luck Cannon
Proletariat Revolution

I started off with three purple shotguns:

Scav Firehose
Torgue Pounder
Jakobs Scattergun

I was specifically after a Flayer (a Doc’s with a Tediore [edit -Hyperion, right shape wrong manufacturer and Jakobs Grip). While the Grinder yielded 37/90 Flayers, none met my wishlist exactly. I did get a number of Doc’s though, perhaps as many as 12 or 13.

I am afraid I’m not much of a research statistician. I just ground through 9 different sets without any kind of plan until I had done the first run, which I managed to write down. The last 3 grinds included cast-offs from the previous 6, so it shouldn’t be surprising that my results were not consistent enough to provide an adequate number of purples in the 4th and 10th rounds and not enough Flayers in teh 8th round. In the 4th, I ground 3 Flayers together and got a purple and used that with the last Flayer and and Omni-Cannon to do that grind. I also ground a leftover Flayer with a Viral Marketer with a purple shotgun to produce another Flayer in that same round - which is why there are two Flayers in the same box on run #4.

I got a number (19) of high end non-Flayer Legendaries over the ninety runs, leaving only 34 Purples produced. Truthfully, this is the best grinding I have seen in a long time, maybe ever. So, I think your mileage will definitely vary.

Here are the results:

You can see that some combinations did not fair well. The only real take-away I get from this is that grinding 2 DLC2 Legendaries , of the same type (eg, 2 luck cannons) with a purple is more likely to produce a purple than a legendary.

After the last run, I did another run grinding the non-producing guns with other DLC2 legendaries. For instance, instead of grinding 2 Luck Cannons with a purple, I ground a Luck Cannon with a Proletariat Revolution. I got 7 Flayers on that 11th run. But, it could be anomalous because the 10th run was pretty fat too.

My experience tells me that while there may be fixed recipes for some weapons, I am doubtful any exist for the Flayer.


Nice summary chart and great discoveries. Congrats.
And glad you have proven me wrong, I guess Flayers are not rare after all post May 19.
Looks like I wasn’t using the right ingredients. Just got my first set of Flayers since May19 without using a Flayer for an ingredient.

Got two Flayers right now in 12 attempts using (2 Pro Revolution Pistols with a purple SG).
On Grind #3: I used a purple Tediore SG to get a LV70 Huntin Flayer
On Grind #12: I use a purple Hyperion SG to get a LV70 Sidewinder Flayer.

I think you will do better with 1 PR and a non-dlc legendary. I think that you want the PR to mate with the purple shotgun and for the second legendary to get out of the way. I don’t even know if it matters whether it is a shotgun or not.

( 2 Pro Revolutions ) with a ( PurpleTediore SG ) seems to be the perfect ingredients.
They were working for me almost every time last night.

I am doing some research today and will post my results. I wonder if different purples affect the outcome. Also, the role of the second legendary. Thanks for all of your hard work.

So I did spend the day grinding away. I think your theory was vindicated. I used a Proletariat Revolution as the constant. I used a mix of DLC Legendaries and Legendaries as 2nd guns and 3 Hyperion Shotguns, 3 Torgue Shotguns and 3 Scav Shotguns for purples. One of the 2nd guns was a Proletariat Revolution with a different prefix than the constant. I also bred the constant with itself (6/10 Flayers). All of the weapons threw off Flayers, with an IVF yielding 7/10. The worst producing second gun was clearly the Cryophobia.

Here are the results:

I’m trying to figure out how to teach myself Excel analytics with this data, so it may take a day or two for me to get breakdowns posted. If you don’t want to wait, grind a Proletariat Revolution with a handful of legendaries and purple shotguns, behold the Flayer.

So feeling like I was likely going to win the Nobel Prize for weapon grinding theory, I then undertook to solve the mystery of grinding a Laser Disker. There will be no parades for me in Stockholm this year.

The best I could do after a hundred or so grinds is maybe either get a DLC2 legendary or a Legendary Laser and those all took grinding three DLC 2 legendaries lasers together. I got one Fire Longest Yard by grinding 2 Longest Yards and an Absolute Zero. More like getting a twenty back in change from a $100 than a grinding triumph.

I did notice a couple of things. One is that if you look at the grind results chronologically, you will see runs just like we see runs in vending machines or when Iwajira drops 6 Hyperion pistols at one time. Its like the vending machines are slot machines and the grinder is a combination lock. If the weapons you put in have the right combination, you get a Flayer. If not, you get your 300th Critical Face Time, or Potential Viral Marketer.

I also got a Nukem from breeding 2 Kaneda’s Laser and an Absolute Zero. The Nukem is a DLC1 Legendary. The last time I tried, you couldn’t grind a Nukem - probably a May 19th fix.

I spent most of my play time during the week on grinding, so decided to dedicate most of Saturday on my Nisha.

So I’m barely getting to check your results right now.
So the bottom line is that “Flayers” are not hard to get from the Grinder post May 19.
And the common ingredient in getting one is the Pro Revolution.
But I still think that the most reliable way in getting one is by grinding these 3 particular ingredients:
[ Pro Rev 1 ] + [ Pro Rev 2 ] + [ Purple Tediore SG ]

I think you have already provided more than enough data to confirm this.

And the Overall Bottom Line is that we should be able to get any [ DLC2 Leg Weapon or Item ] form the grinder now, and they don’t seem to be rare in getting. So I just hope there would be no more changes to the grinder in future hot fixes, because it seems to be working well now.

So thanks for all your efforts. And I’ll probably spent time on Sunday updating the “Grinder Recipes Topic

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