Cannot hand in last mission H Source, GLITCHED GAME!

Borderlands Pre Sequel, just defeated Shadowtrap and teleported to Deck 13 1/2 then the game kicked me out. Went back in, Shadowtrap is dead and I can go to Deck 13 1/2 but Jack keeps telling me to get the hsource, even though the mission marker says I already gave it to him… glitched out and cant finish game to move onto vault hunter mode etc. This is a terrrible glitch that needs to be fixed. There isnt a way for me to restart them mission either…

The only help I can give you without spoiling amything is that you’ll have to walk all the way back through the Sub-Subconscious to where you fought Shadowtrap. The mission isn’t over yet.

Already did that, Shadowtrap is laying there dead. EOS is not there, as soon as I go into the area the portal back to Deck 13 1/2 is already there, claptrap and jack are both talking and say bring the h source back to Jack. When i go back to Deck 13 1/2 jack says go get the h source lol. its a broken game

Submit a support ticket maybe. Also, I think your game just happened to crash at the wrong moment. If you’re in UVHM consider resetting your playthrough. If you’re in an earlier playthrough just go the next playthrough and playthrough the DLC again. That sucks but many of us willingly play all the content over again anyhow. If you’re not at max level, then you’ll get more XP and levels too.