Cannot import saves

I’m unable to import my BL2 and BL:TPS saves. They are in my cloud but they cannot be retrieved.

If I’m not mistaken, the saves are NOT supposed to be in your cloud storage. They must be on a hard/physical storage medium, and the transfer happens one save at a time, and is initiated from in-game on your 360. The save will be copied to a special cloud server that converts the save for use on Xbox One. You then need to boot up BL2/TPS on Xbox One, download the save, and repeat the process for each save you wish to upload.

The link below has our instructions on how the save transfer process works. If you no longer own a 360, but you saved the game to the cloud, you should be able to follow these steps after logging onto any 360 that is connected to the internet.

@TheOmegaPhoenix, thanks for adding this info for him! Your information is completely accurate, but I figured adding additional info can’t hurt. :smile: