Cannot login. Constant errors

First day I got the beta (friday) got logged in fine though it took 2 hours to be able to play single player due to all the waiting. Then after the level got an error and booted me out. Doesn’t look good for a game that I only want to solo or co-open the story on. Decided to give it another try, got in quick, did another level, error and boot out again.
Now the real issue. The past hour I have been unable to even log in. Server unavailable, connection timed out, or my personal favorite at this point, inventory error. I can’t even get in! Looks really good for gearbox, was looking forward to this game, but why get it if more than likely the server errors will be there when it comes out? If the servers cannot handle the load now it will not handle it when the game comes out. Any fixes for the inability to log in? Already power cycled everything and all it did was switch me to the inventory error.

Hey. I moved you to bug reporting for your convenience.