Cannot Login to Vault Insider Program (VIP) Since Today

I cannot login to the vault insider program since today. Yesterday it worked fine. I tried 3 different browsers with no addblock.
I can login to shift.
When I try to login/signup for VIP I get the message that an error has occured.
It’s almost as if for me the program is allready deactivated.

I can access but all vip stuff has been removed (points, rewards, activities, rewards history are all empty now)

Yes I had the same bug.
That’s why I logged out in the first place. But now I cannot even log in again.

I thought I had time till may to get the rewards. :frowning:

the site is back to normal, temporary incident it seems

I can confirm it is workung again for me too.

Fingers crossed it stays that way. :slight_smile: