Cannot make it pass intro cinematic (Psycho + Skag) without PC restarting

Any suggestions welcome as I’m out of options here. Video drivers up to date, updated bios, reinstalled and verified the game installation, even reapplied cpu thermal compound. Not running dx12 or windowed. In fact, I can run through the benchmark no issue with good results. But every time the intro scene plays, my pc restarts (no BSOD) without warning right around when the Psycho gets run over or even occasionally when he scratches his back. Sometimes make it further or shorter, but never more than a minute in. And thus can’t get into the game at all Has anyone else experienced this?

MSI Z390-A Pro
GTX 980
running 1920x1080

Had this problem on my GTX980 also .Rolled back to an older driver and have no issues since .Nvidia 398.82 win-10) Gave me the best Performance with that card.
Most driver’s after the NVidia 398.82 would not load or run games for me.
If it aint broke don’t fix it ,
Don’t listen to all the ■■■■■■■■ that you need the latest driver’s also.latest drivers are for the latest newest card’s.
Edit : Best to use Display Driver Uninstaller to be sure you get a clean install of yhe graphic card driver’s.
Display Driver Uninstaller