Cannot Non-Moonstone grind 3 purple items

I know of the recent hotfix for a crashing problem when trying to grind 3 purples, but while it seems I don’t crash now, when I do try to grind 3 purple items nothing at all happens. I CAN grind 3 purple class mods, but ONLY if I add moonstones - since the hotfix I haven’t been able to do a normal grind of any 3 purple items at all.

Don’t know If this is a known issue, or if I’ve just had some really crappy luck in selections of items to grind - I know sometimes some things just won’t grind at all.

Same here. At least you get guaranteed legendaries that way.

OP – you on PC? I ground 3 purple class mods & 3 purple pistols (without moonstones) on PS3 just yesterday.

Yeah, I’m on PC.

I was having this problem intermittently, too. (i.e. Without moonstones, you press Q and the screen changes, but nothing happens.)

My issue–I think–was that the hotfix wasn’t being applied correctly after a crash (or Alt+F4). I tried both quitting out normally and restarting my computer. Both generally fixed the problem, but sometimes it would take one or two tries.