Cannot play Co-op on digital version

I bought the digital version of this on PS4 because I really wanted a game that had local co-op. I played the beta and was very happy with it. However, when I tried to log in with the second account it said “you must have an active connection to playstation network”. Cleary the second account does. What it boiled down to is I bought the digital game and the other account cannot log on because they did not buy the game. THIS IS TOTAL B.S. I am being punished for buying the digital version. If I had known I would have bought a physical copy. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

I figured out that it was because the second account had to update the terms of service. However, I cannot play online without PS Plus. Sucks, but I’m not surprised. The real issue is the second player cannot play the prologue with buying the game and you cannot play online without playing the prologue. Even with on local story the player has not unlocked any characters without the prologue so they cannot really do anything in story mode either. Am I the only one who has an issue with this?

I’m having the same problem too :frowning:

We’re trying to play together but all characters are locked for my partner. He’s logged in and playing the prologue on his profile now to see if that helps. That is going to be a huge pain though if this means we have to play everything twice…

This actually ended up working for us–now we can access the next level