Cannot prestige

I have well over 500 challenges complete, but the reset button will not pop up. IIRC in BL2, there was something about having to complete all 5 levels in a group before it counted. Could that be my problem?

552 challenge levels is the magic number.

BL:TPS prestige guide

here is a link to a Prestige Guide,

Wait, it’s 552? I thought it was like 533. Well damn. I don’t think I’m going to try and prestige anymore because with the remaining challenges I have that’d just be ridiculous. Too many shuggaraths, rathyds, and sniper rifle kills.

I disagree. 20 more BA points is totally worth it for the amount you will get just by picking up money and shooting with higher level weapons to do damage after you prestige.

See if you can find something easy like grinding or dueling or buying item of the day or something. Vehicle kills maybe.

All the easy ones are already done.

Well, if getting prestige were easy, then it wouldn’t be much of a accomplishment then.

That may explain in, I thought it was 485, many thanks.

no shugarrohs or rathids left, I killed them all, also I did all vehicle challenges except powersliding, I hate that

I created a prestige document if you want to use it to help. Maybe you are done but just in case you want to spend some more BTU’s. Feel free to copy.

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Thank you very much, I will use it. I just enter my total kills into the boxes, right?

Nope, you enter the level at which you are currently. It is a little weird because when you look at BA it gives you the level toward which you are working. Just subtract one and put it in the cell. Then it is all added at the top and turns green if it is more than 552. If it is a level 5, it is turned grey just so that uncompleted lines are highlighted a bit.

good luck

got it, and again thank you for the input.

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I never understood prestige. If I want more badass tokens, I’d rather start a new character…

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This is what I usually do :stuck_out_tongue:
Though once they fix the backpack upgrades I’m going to play UVHM and one of my characters is close to being able to prestige and reset the challenges. Since there’s like 20 challenges that will be completed within the first hour, that’s why I’m so itchy to reset.

that is a good point, Ha_Na

Same here. I’ve never been able to do it, in BL2 or TPS. Part of the problem is that I play strictly solo, but there’s more to it than that. In the end, I’m with you. If I want more BAR, I’ll start new characters.

actually most of my BA status came from adding new characters too. But I am just kinda obsessed with this prestige thing.