Cannot progress through quest, sanctuary, talk to Lilith

I’m pretty familiar with orbit view and how fast travel works on the game. :grin:

Hey guys! So this is where I’m stuck in the game at:

Quest marker, talk to Lilith on quest sanctuary, indicates to go to fast travel point to fast travel to the sanctuary from the droughts, but when fast travel point activated with the x button, and then when selecting the sanctuary zone, there is nothing listed under fast travel locations. We cannot progress through the story in this game anymore. Please advise.

Use the console on the bridge, then the drop pod down where Ellie is

Are you talking about the bridge on the sanctuary? I am in the droughts and there is no fast travel point in sanctuary at all

I see what you mean. You may have to join a player whom has sanctuary

I joined a low level character, split screen, and all of my fast travel location were erased from my solo, higher level character. All of them. Entered ticket.

Wow that really sucks! When I entered matchmaking and it found someone to play with it started my game on the sanctuary. It seems to be fixed. Thank you! Now to see if it will work back in solo now.

Good. Fingers crossed

No fix on solo.

Let me know how the ticket goes, we have one submitted as well.

Try playing the mission that you are on with somebody, and get to the next mission. Then you should progress, and have sanctuary access.

My original support ticket was regarding PS4 losing my junk/ favorite option for inventory items within the backpack menu. My second support ticket was losing my fast travel locations. My tickets were combined together. This is a partial of my response:

My issue is that; joining another players game ( whom was lower level than me, and was behind me in planet/fast travel locations) via splitscreen, caused me to lose all fast travel locations beyond this other player that I temporarily joined, within my single player game.

Because I joined this player’s game on Athenas, my character lost all fast travel locations previously attained beyond Athenas in my single player game.

Is this by design? Is that what is supposed to happen?

I have already travelled through all the locations, again, through the methods that you recommended, but opened this ticket because I assumed this was a bug. Should we not join games lower levels than we have attained? It appears that we should not.

This bug is not the real problem. Neither is the bug that the update removed my ability to junk/favorite items within my inventory. Although these are extremely inconvenient, I love this game enough to look past them.

The real problem is, as I see it, that these two bugs are basic bugs.

I don’t expect perfection. I don’t expect QA to replay the entire game to make sure that an update will not cause Killavolt to be overpowered and be unbeatable.

What is disconcerting is that these are bugs that should be caught by 10 minutes of playing before the update releases.

How did the last update remove my ability to junk an inventory item? How did QA not catch this? This is not some peripherally obscure reaction to the update. This is a primary interface function that an entire system’s fan base could have caught in minutes of gameplay.

I love every iteration of this series. I appreciate what this series means to gaming. I know that Gearbox is better than this.