Cannot Run "Enhanced" Version

I am a Linux user. I can, via W.I.N.E., run a Windows install of Steam, and run the original version of Borderlands.

However, I am unable to use the enhanced version. I am, as I have said, via W.I.N.E., a Windows install of Steam, but there seems to be a problem, as it says I am attempting to use an unsupported OS.

Perhaps W.I.N.E. will be updated in the future and it will allow me to run the enhanced version… but I don’t know.


(PS: I have been running Linux exclusively since 2005, I have been using Linux since 1995. NEVER tell me to use Windows, please)

Moved you to the correct section of the forums. Check out the link in this post/thread:

As I have said in my original posting, I use Linux exclusively since 2005.

I use Windows Steam (using W.I.N.E.), and the original works with that setup.

However, the “Enhanced” version tells me I am on an unsupported OS.

The post I linked to refers to Linux Steam users. I believe they are using Proton rather than wine? Worth checking out the procedure mentioned in that linked Reddit post though, as that was also referring to a Linux version.

If that *doesn’t" work for you, you can file a support ticket for additional help.

In the settings, the “Steam-Play” sub-menu isn’t present (using W.I.N.E. via Windows Steam client) and the “Steam-Play” sub-menu is needed to access/use “Proton”

The Linux version of Steam works perfectly, BTW