Cannot save loadout, stuck in loop

So i cannot change my loadout, every time i enter the loadout screen it asks to save the loadout and i cannout actually equip items. If i hit yes to save the items i get an error stating that “the loadout version provided to the battleborn servers is out of date.” I cannout leave this menu due to the fact i am forced to save the loadout and hitting escape does nothing. The only way to deal with this issue is to either close the game or have a friend que me for a match. This issue started after i started a loadout and it was saved to “loadout 2.”

Please let me know if you find a solution

So far i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, turning off my antivirus firewall, running the application as admin and deleting the saved data and config in My games>Battleborn Open Beta>Poplar Game to try to force my client to update from battleborn servers. I can also rule out port issues or anything else with my internet/router settings due to my roommates not having this issue. Seeing how the uninstall/reinstall did not work im rather certain this is an issue on gearbox/2ks end; so a workaround may not be possible.

Though if anyone finds a solution i do hope they share.

Check the forums man, this is effecting a lot of people, I have been watching the forums all the time to hear from the developers about the issue and so far nothings been said.

There are probably 3 other threads going about the same issue. What system are you?

yea ive seen a couple other threads going now that you mention it, im using windows 7 PC

Well im glad to see that gameplay balancing outweighed the number of bug fixes in the beta patch. Maybe if we has more than 5 days for testing we could identify more problems for release. Just ranting here but its frustrating when ive really been looking forward to the OBT and have done nothing but hype this game to friends since CBT ugh well guess we are doing the whole bug testing thing right.

lol its like your hinting at something there…

jeese if only we could play this game a bit more… ya know… to test the balancing… so you get it right…
for release. Ya know? I mean it can’t hurt…

cmon gearbox…


yea… i need to test more…

obviously only have the beast interests of the game at heart and it pains me to keep on playing

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