Cannot see opponent (other words because that's apparently not a sentence)

Okay, so I’ve played maybe a dozen matches and I don’t think I’ve even got 10 kills. I’m walking around and then suddenly I just explode, or someone shoots me with a rail gun and I die. But it never shows you where the opponent was, so you can just find a place where the one and only character model you get to play as happens to blend into the background and then just camp there. That’s what I’m assuming is happening anyway, but really I have no idea because I can never see my opponent!

I played a match earlier where they killed me 12 times and I couldn’t even tell you with what weapon or how. I literally saw no one for the entire match, it was like walking around in the dojo, only I was randomly dying. I know there are mines and cinders, but that can’t explain the degree to which this is happening. Not only that, the two levels you have are just so crazy small, like I cannot fathom why somebody would okay them for release they’re so small. But that might not be so bad if the textures weren’t so awful. I could be running in circles and never know because everything looks exactly the same.

That being said, there’s a fairly simple fix, just add a minimap with your and your opponent’s locations, then you can tell where you are, where you’re going, where your opponent is, and the game might actually be more fun than walking blindfolded through a minefield.

I feel like a minimap maybe going against the goal of this game. However, would a kill cam help you out?

A minimap will be a great addition.