Cannot Use Bank

My girlfriend & I are playing Online Co-Op & when we unlocked the bank I could use and she could not.

She then went onto her own story and she could use it(she never clicked to use it) & I had her invite me to see if I could use it I could and did, and when I did it told her that she couldn’t use it again.

Back to me hosting the game I don’t open the bank at all, and invite her to see if she could use it. She could and did, but after she did I then couldn’t use it.

It’s not a problem right now for us I guess since we read about people losing everything so we aren’t using the bank but still.

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Have you tried going to your own room? Lol. Each player has their own room in co-op, and you can only access the bank in your own room.


…wait, seriously? …nevermind then we are just blind idiots I guess lool

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Lol, it happens. It’s cool but they totally didn’t explain it. OR that the the bank is shared BETWEEN YOUR CHARACTERS. So. That’s worth noting. :slight_smile: