[Canon] How did the Vault Hunters survive the explosion?

Just wondering, it’s been confirmed by Gearbox/2K that New-U Stations don’t really exist, and are only a way for people to respawn

If that’s true, doesn’t that mean the Vault Hunters died at General Knoxx’s Armoury? Since the explosion kills the Vault Hunters and respawns them?

There’s also the option to run out of the door before the place goes up in fiery kaboom, so they could have done that.

That’s what I was thinking, did it on this run actually to see if it was possible, but no matter how far you get away (the entrance door is closed), the New-U respawns you. And the explosion seen in the cut scene would definitely kill anyone.

Also, the New-U seems to be Canon in BL1, but not BL2/TPS…