Can't accept friend shift request

This says it all

Something went wrong

You know, the last person I tried to add was on Xbox (I’m on Steam). We were trying an experimental recipe to see if we couldn’t get it to work, and this is the message I got.

This is probably the default message, but I haven’t tried to add anyone since (even on Steam). I used to get gear mailed randomly from friends, but haven’t seen that in some time, and I figured it was because people have drifted away from the game. Recently, @johnrr6 mentioned that he had sent something, and I didn’t really internalize it, but as I think about it, I haven’t received anything for some time now. Like I wonder if my account is funny or it’s something larger.

Are you on Steam? My gaming rig is down (lost a cooler), and it’ll be a bit before I can get back in the game, but I’m down for some experiments to see if it’s per-user, per-account, or something at large.

Sure…later today I will send you some odds and ends. But I have been sending you stuff I think you would love to experiment with like the Mesmer Grenade….just sent that last week IIRC.

Maybe 6-8 items in the last 6 weeks total….


Ok - I definitely need to talk to the postmaster about this. When I get back in the game, I’ll see if I can’t send something out.

yes steam

@johnrr6, I just sent you some green Maliwan thing. Let me know if you got it (I haven’t received anything outside of manufacturer rewards for months).

Ok…going to play some today…will check.

I have sent you four or five things since we first started talking about this. I always send them to your steam account.

Ok….got the green weapon

Sent two WEAPONS to your account marked with the Shift logo

Sent two SHIELDS to your account marked with the Steam logo

Let’s see what shows up. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this.

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I don’t know about on PC, but on XBox there’s a time limit for accepting any item sent to you by another user through the in-game mail system. I’ve had a couple of mad scrambles trying to create space so I could accept a particularly nice gift before the clock ran out.

I got the green gun Ab sent me but he did not receive anything I sent to both the accounts…Steam and Shift

Something wrong…

Case number 8843376. :+1:

i get the same error. support has not been helpful.