Can't access Alani after purchasing the XBone season pass

I purchased the season pass on XBone, and did not receive a hero key. I have been all through Alani’s command center page, and there is no prompt to unlock her. Gearbox support wanted three different ID’s, and a screenshot of my transaction history (with my gamertag visible, and not from a mobile source). Why am I being asked to jump through hoops to gain access to content that I digitally purchased? This is especially frustrating because the email from support didn’t even admit that this was a known issue. Instead they just asked me for proof. Where is the actual customer support here?

Apparently you’re supposed to do this through the Marketplace > Characters tab (which isn’t how I unlocked her, but then things changed very shortly after that).

A few things: First, GBX doesn’t have access to MS store records and vice versa, so they do need proof of purchase. Second, fixes have to be made on the back-end (server side), but they have to make sure they apply the fix to the correct account and save. Yes, it’s awkward the way it’s been set up, but at least this means someone can’t impersonate you, steal your unlock, and leave you without any recourse at all.

Finally: yes, I totally agree that the Alani unlock thing has been a right royal mess. Hopefully they fix everything before the next character release…

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I’m fine with providing proof of purchase, but the initial message didn’t acknowledge that it was a known problem, or that this was now an inconvenience. Now that Alani is available for purchase with in-game credit, I have basically lost the bonus of using her early, which was why i purchased the season pass. Hopefully they fix the problem soon. it might even be an XBone problem, and not a Battleborn problem. Also, I couldn’t unlock her through the marketplace either. I love the game, and am looking forward to a fix for this issue.

The inability to even access the Characters tab in the Marketplace was confirmed to me as a known and verified bug by 2K support when I contacted them about it. The rest of it, I have no idea, but it does seem to be unique to the XB1. It’s still not clear which end the problem is on though, at least not to me.