Can't access dlc #3

So i downloaded the update and it will not let me access the new dlc. I have the season pass and it says i have to purchase it. Im on ps4. My gamertag is HalfmanHalfamazn

Try going in to the store itself and clicking through to the DLC - it should register as being ‘owned’ or ‘available for install’. You might want to make sure you have fully quite the game before doing that.

If not, I would suggest sending in a query to PS support in the first instance, since they will be able to confirm your account information and purchase history.

(Also moving you to the PS4 TS section…)

still not showing up on ps store and it’s nearly 7:30pm at night here, so when is this thing out, as it’s already downloadable from every other pc download site on the internet?

I saw that as well you have to type it in the search bar on the ps store

cheers, bit stupid now have 2 wait over hour to download & install

Same exact issue. Was able to find it on the store after searching . Now though it says will take 7 hours to download after already downloading the patch which was about the same exact size but it took only 30-40min.

DLC3 should be a lot bigger than the patch - about 4x on original XB1/PS4 and larger still on X/Pro.

Strangely enough I got the same problem. The mugshot in Sanctuary tells me to purchase the dlc but it won‘t appear in the store for me. I tried it via the game itself and via tiping it in the search bar directly within the psn-store.
I‘m in Germany, is there anyone else who‘s got similar problems and has found a solution?

Really not sure, other than to file a ticket with both Sony and GBX/2K. I see it’s about 8 hours since your post - if it still isn’t in the store, let me know and I’ll ping someone at GBX for you.

Well maybe that could help: did you search for English name or German name of the dlc? Personally I had to type the French name because English name didn t work even though dlc finally appeared in English :angry: