Can't access most of the stuff from Directors Cut

EDIT: I have completely misunderstood what I have bought. I thought Season 2 DLC was part of the Super Deluxe edition of Borderlands 3. Not so. Part of the Ultimate Edition, which I could not purchase. So I simply does not own it. How I then could access the diamond key -room I don’t know.

Eventhough I have purchased the Directors Cut as part of the Season 2 pack. I can only access the room at the bay where you get very NICE gear with the diamond key. Could not activate Murder Solving missions in one room, and neither the one in the room with claptrack.

I’m having the same problem on my PS4

Same here I get to the doors and it says travel unavailable.

Same issue and I cannot see the tab for the vault cards

Same. No tab for the vault cards either. I have 12 VHS at level 65 and all have done end game and they get the same message “Travel Unavailable”. So glad I paid for Season Pass 2 and can’t play it.

Same here. Nothing new is available. Can’t use the pod either.

If you are on Epic, I believe you have to enable the DLC first? See the very first sentence in the updated post here referencing “Manage Add-Ons”: