Can't access Prologue, Stories, or Characters

Purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition: Having the following problems:

• Prologue played, but then had a Server connection error, and it must not have recorded as played. Result: I can’t play story missions and I can’t go back and redo the Prologue.

• When I go into a online match, ALL characters are locked, and I can’t select anything but Random. After 90 sec clockdown goes into game, gives me Oscar Mike.

• When I was able to unlocked the Legendary Loot items at Level 3, 2 of them rolled the same item.

• Can’t access any the GOLD skins

I like this game, but I am not super happy with day 1…

I’m not an expert but it may be the prologue save is affecting other gameplay. However, Gearbox may be able to help. I’d recommend submitting a support request at this link:

Take care!

Did you play the Early Access ?

The Early Access version of Battleborn uses the same User profile files as the full retail Battleborn. If you’ve played in Early Access, and launch the main Battleborn game, you will NOT see the link to play the Prologue mission, but cannot queue into other parts of the game, because you “Haven’t played the Prologue yet”. That means, you won’t have any characters unlocked, and will generally have a bad time.

You need to delete your Battleborn User Profile Folder.

  1.  Go to C:\Users\<my name>\Documents\My Games
  2.  Delete the entire “Battleborn”  folder in the My Games folder.

a. The folder will be re-created next time Battleborn launches.

EDIT: Crap just noticed that this is in the PS4 support section, so this might not be relevant…


Thanks! I think that is the problem as well. I submitted a ticket, lets see what happens. I imagine a account reset would fix it.

Fixed it!

I ended up deleting my saved file off the hard drive of the PS4, and restarting. It solved the Prologue / No character issue.


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