Can't Access Takedown at Guardian Breach

Game is up-to-date. Have beaten game on normal level. Character is 57 with guardian token level in the 90’s. I talk to Tanis but can’t start the new Takedown at Guardian Breach. What the heck?

What happens when you visit her office? There should be a crystal on the desk with which you interact, then she gives you coordinates to navigate there. Which step is missing?

I talk to her and she says nothing about it. I can only assume the crystal is on the desk next to the Zed’ Meds Machine. What I think is the crystal is on the front left corner and is long and blue. It will not let me interact with it.

Ok, there it is. The crystal should have an exclamation point on it and otherwise interact like any other mission giver.

Do you have more than one mission active? Like if you scroll through them, do you see this mission active? If you interacted with it, but the game lost track of things and “buried” it under another active mission, it would look like this. If so, when you find it, it’s probably on the stage where you need to go to the bridge to navigate there, but see if this isn’t the case.

I’m not a novice player and am not nee to Borderlands. I know what I am doing. I have not been able to interact with it from the start. Nothing is buried anywhere. The planet isn’t in the ship’s nav computer. That was one of the first things I checked. This is apparently a major glitch. It isn’t anything on my end unless there is supposed to be something else I am to do prior to speaking with Tanis that I don’t know about.

Ok - just checking the low-hanging fruit. Got a backed up save you can load? You might be at the mercy of a support ticket unless someone else has an idea.

Does Your game has newest hotfix?
Some people had problems to start DLC2 because they didn’t wait for Hotfix to load.

Having exactly the same issue , was playing on Mayhem Level 4 in the Villa prior to this , have given up on Guardian takedown

For those that cannot access the Guardian Takedown, can you (or have you) accessed the Maliwan Takedown?

Have you gone to another zone & then retry?
Have you flown Sanctuary III to another location & then retry?

Sorry, just shouting out ideas.

No backed up saves. So guess it needs to be a support ticket, which is fine with me.

Did you manage to resolve the issue of not being able to access the takedown at Guardians? I’m still having the same problem

No I have not.

Where does one go to file a support ticket?

But I also haven’t been in the game since Saturday.

I have the Mac version which was just updated today. I also am at max lvl and in TVHM and cannot access the new content. I am unable to access the crystal and have done various things suggested in this thread.

Here: support ticket