Can't activate True Trials

The true trials events (Survival last week, Cunning this week) aren’t working for me. No exclamation point appears at the designated map spot and the pedestal won’t activate. Some show up in my “already completed” mission list. Latest hotfixes applied.

If you have already run the trial, just head to the place where trial is via the fast travel menu.

If not? You’ll need to activate the pedestal in the map it’s in, then move sanctuary there and take the drop pod.

If the pedestal isn’t working, you’ll need to complete the story to access mayhem mode, then activate the trial by taking the steps above.

Stay bloodthirsty!!

 Thanks, cailte.  I’ve completed the story and am in mayhem mode.  But I forgot about moving Sanctuary and using the pod.  Will try again on Cunning -- expires soon.
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Still getting nowhere. Trial of Cunning shows up as Completed for me. No exclamation marks appear on the Splinterlands map. Moving Sanctuary to Pandora makes no difference; the drop pod is inactive. That’s two of the True Trials I’ve lost out on.

Trial of Cunning is in Ghostlight Beacon. So you’d have to move your ship to there. If you already completed it, just go to Ghostlight Beacon with the fast travel system. Accept the mission there from that Eridian character.

The exclamation mark on the Splinterlands map only shows up the very first time you want to do the trial.


Trials are available after beating Troy.

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The more you know!

Is the a map called ghostlight beacon on your fast travel menu?

Each trial has its own planet to travel to after you activate the podium. I’m sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

If you’ve activated the podiums they should be in a seperate group of six under the other planets. Selecting one of those planets should tell you which trial it is in the upper right corner before you select the fast travel station.

I hope that helps.

For reference:

Trial Site Pedestal location
Survival Gradient of Dawn Devil’s Razor (Pandora)
Cunning Ghostlight Beacon The Splinterlands (Pandora)
Discipline Precipice Anchor Meridian Outskirts (Promethea)
Instinct Wayward Tether Floodmoor Basin (Eden-6)
Fervor The Skydrowned Pulpit Jakobs Estate (Eden-6)
Supremacy The Hall Obsidian Desolation’s Edge (Nekrotafeyo)

My thanks to everyone for your helpful suggestions. The True Trial of Cunning expired before I could do it, but thanks to your help, I located & activated the beacon for this week’s True Trial (Discipline) and raring to go.