Can't and won't finish dlc1 on new vh

Can’t finish first dlc because of crashing. Third vh trying to finish dlc1 then complete dlc2. Can’t get through Handsome Jackpot because of the constant crashing. Every map. Happens all of the time. Driving me crazy.

Are you running with either cartels or mayhem mode on? Original XB1 or XB1X?

I just finished a run through of DLC 1 last night (just main mission) with Fl4k. I had Mayhem mode and Cartels turned off. No issues at all for me.

This is on an Xbox One X.

Hmm. I have both mayhem and cartels on for the drops. I am also on the original xbox one. Afterwards I hopped over to the second dlc (with both mayhem and cartels on) just to see if the crashing would continue, and it didn’t crash once. Keep in mind, I didn’t get far into it. Read a few comments, but why would I want to play through them without mayhem mode on and cartels turned off? I want as many good drops as I can get.

I’m also on original XB1, and I’ve only had a couple of crashes with a very specific combination of modifiers and equipment with Zane. Apart from that, everything has run fine.

So it may just be the specific modifiers you were using combined with the enemy types/environmens etc. Without knowing more about what mahem modifiers you had running and what character/build, it’s hard to give good advice.

Generally, try and avoid anything that radically increases the number of tracking objects on-screen (eg drones) and persistent visual effects (beams, tethers). You may want to pick one of the mayhem levels that only has one or two modifiers so it’s easy to re-roll them if needed until you can figure out what’s going to work for you.

I’d also advise doing a power reset to clear the cache since you’ve already had crashes - that should help clear up any lingering stuff left over from previous sessions that might be making problems worse.

I appreciate your response. Thank you. I know the last time it crashed I was in the scraptrap area where there are 20-30 enemies at a time. I figured that’s what caused it that time. But then I went to the slaughter shaft on m10 with cartels on and it was fine. Just giving some examples. Anyways, thanks again.