Can't assign an action skill

This may be a well known bug, but in case it’s not…

I had Gamma Burst active when I respecced my skills. After I assigned my points I tried to take an action skill and it’s red, says “Ability Currently in use”. 5 minutes later, same issue. I zoned to a different area and I still get “Ability currently in use”. I did a save quit and finally was able to assign a skill.


happened to me as well, saving and quitting is the only solution.


I have had this as well, what platform are you on? I’m on Xbox, just trying to see how widespread this issue might be.

I’m on PS4

Happens to me sometimes when I respec while an action skill is running. Happened to me with all Vault Hunters, except Amara. I’m on PS4.

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This happens from time to time and it is frustrating, but generally just a save/quit will address it.