Can't beat level 50 Deadlift (help please)

(edit: this problem has been solved. I was finally able to beat the bastard once I remembered I had that High Five Ability of Claptrap’s that gives him extra bonuses. Thanks for the all the help. The tips definitely helped.)

Hi there, i’m a level 53 Claptrap and I’m working on Ultimate Vault hunter mode. But I seem to keep having difficulty with Deadlift now that he’s leveled up so much. No matter how many times I try, I simply can’t beat him. It mostly has to do with those cheap tactics with the electricity balls and the fact that the multiple layers make it so I’m usually never in the range of any smaller enemies I could kill to get revived. Any help that can be given would be appreciated.

gear yourself with a good shock weapon and adaptive or shock resistant shield. preferably a hyperion quad to make the most of OLT. he has a big shield, so taking that out is the key to this fight. i also find the shield allows me to tank his shock attacks easier. if your having trouble staying in shotgun range, a vladof sniper does wonders. for second winding, just keep a high velocity torgue launcher equipped. this is coming from a nisha player so it might be wise to take some of my suggestions and change them around a bit to more fir your spec, but it did me wonders.

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I’ve had success with a shock vladof sniper. Or farm a shock hail from iwa.

Hmm… I may have to try that if I can find one of those. Thanks for the advice.

The only shock weapons I have are a shotgun and a railgun. And while they’re decently effective, they really aren’t that handy with dealing with the stuff he’s throwing at me, like those balls of electricity.

There’s a side mission from Janey Springs that can net you a shock sniper that’s quite useful. If you have a SMG or something similar, you can usually shoot the electric balls of homing death out of the sky. I prefer to get above Deadlift, and nail him as much as possible while he turns on one of the shock fields. Others like to hang in the staircase over to the right of where you enter the arena, as the floor there can’t be electrified and you can run up & down depending on where DL gets to. Best bet remains co-op with an Athena though!

Well I think I did the mission earlier on, but I’m under the impression that I sold it because it didn’t match up to my current sniper rifle. That might have been a mistake in retrospect.
I have actually tried to stairs thing before, but part of the problem is partially that my weapons don’t really have enough range to take him out. That sniper rifle I have only does something around 7000 damage (or something like that)
And I unfortunately don’t know anyone who plays as an Athena, so i’m fresh out of luck there too. Thanks for the advice though. I think that SMG thing might just be the trick.

Understood. If you’re really stuck, you may want to consider dropping back into TVHM and seeing if you can’t get a Longnail or a shock Invader, either from the Sentinel or via the grinder or vending machines. Also, if you didn’t do the “No Such Thing as a Free Launch” mission in TVHM, that rocket launcher is pretty sick! The other thing would be to farm the vending machines for homing or longbow tesla grenades. Basically, anything you can use to strip shield fast as, once that’s down, it’s pretty much game over. With Claptrap, I got lucky on UVHM: stripped shield with a shock Invader, then finished DL off with Pirate Ship - very satisfying!

Alright I was able to acquire one of those shock valdof sniper rifles which seems to be good at getting his shield down, but he still seems to be draining me pretty quickly once I’m in a good range to give him a good blast.

have you tried going 5/5 into maniacal laughter and chucking teslas? i cant be 100% sure this works because im not a clappy player, but from reading the skill description and my understanding of how teslas work, that should bring a lot of pain for him and healthgating for you.