Can't beat Raum-Kampfjet Mark V. Looking for players to help.(any loot is yours if u want it)

OK so i played through the game like it wants me to and for some reason I ended up 4 lvls below him so I cant beat him. If any one wants to help then just msg me. Also I am playing as the Doppelganger. (PS I don’t care what lvl u are if u are going to help me, and any loot dropped by the boss u can have,only if u want it though)

Yeah, that level jump is a bit brutal on the very first play-through when you’re not expecting it!

Not on the XB1 so I can’t help you, but there are a bunch of side missions that become available immediately after turning off the laser. You could run those (including some of the ones in Varago Solitude) to level a bit; that would also help with the end boss. Also look out for some good corrosive weaponry (SMG or shotgun) as, despite the red health bar, RK5 seems to be more susceptible to corrosive damage.

i cant help because im on 360, but i corrosive vladof sniper melts him. run some missions to get on level with him then vendor farm the sniper.