Can't believe I never noticed this

I have leveled so many times now that I’m a bit embarrassed that I don’t think I ever noticed this before:

Hit the switch and shoot the targets that release barrels that drop down with loot inside them. Has everyone noticed this except me? lol.


What where why when?!

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It is in road dog area in splinterlands

That’s the place.

Yep. That’s where it is. What I don’t get is how do you “win” this little game? Maybe you can’t actually. I got barrels down to the bottom without breaking that had nothing and had other barrels explode before hitting the bottom that had loot so maybe it’s just RNG per barrel. Not sure.

Also, FYI…don’t try using melee on the barrels once on the ground…yeah I killed myself doing that as they explode. lol.

I play that game when I’m there toying with Road Dog. Note the fan at the bottom - presumably if a player gets a barrel to the bottom, the fan will blow it at them and blow them up. Much Bandit, very death.

The first time I was over there for the birthday cake mission, I actually spent time messing around with the giant obvious pachinko machine trying to get it to dispense the quest item before I noticed the ladder on it.

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LOL. That’s pretty funny actually. In all the times I have done that quest I have literally done the opposite. I never noticed the game and just ran up the ladder and then moved on.

Yea, pre day 30 patch this was a prime spot to farm world drops. There’s an old yt video on it somewhere. Always fun to hit up when running through that area. Don’t forget to run the roller coaster as well.

Is there some trick to it? I didn’t really get much but not sure I was doing it right. Just hit the targets and hope for a barrel to have something or is there more to it?

The drop rates around launch day were insane. Can’t really do this anymore unless you install the base game offline with no patches. Basically you’d just get an infinity pistol and shoot the barrels for a while and the ground would be littered with legendaries.

Anymore it’s just a fun plinko game to play with.

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Think glitchin queen done a video on how to win


Have you guys been on the rollercoaster as well? That’s another place similar to this game


Look up “pachinko”

You win if the barrel falls into the receptacle at the bottom right. It’s mostly luck, and don’t shoot the barrel.
I don’t know what you win, but let us know if you do.

PS: you might also be interested in the COV rollercoaster.