Can't buy gear in game, even with enough money

Basically what the title says. I was in a game and I had about 2k shards. I was not able to buy any of my gear even though my highest cost of gear was 1800. I was not able to take a screen of my amount of money and the items during the game and convert them to jpg. And the one picture I did have is just with me with no items. Didn’t think that would give much information. But I figured it was an easy to understand bug.

Has anyone else had this problem with not being able to buy gear when you have enough shards? I’m pretty sure I’m pressing the right keys. Thanks.

Happened to me with a single item just tonight, and I’ve seen reports of gear getting suddenly marked as not activated after it’s been activated. On multiple platforms, too. I suspect a server communication glitch.

It’s happened once or twice.

Heck, I do am able to “buy” items for shards …then the game would later ask me to purchse them again (which I’m unable to doo since it was done previously) or even “sell” all I had active (all are displayed as non active) -now, that’s really messed up, though you have my condolences. It also do happen to a specific gear pieces (also I do took pics, they’re dispalyed in The Saboteur complain thread)

Did that include any kind of Boots gear? Because that’s what got fubar’d for me the other night; the rest of the gear (shards and health regen) were fine.

It’s happened to me before, as well. For me, it seemed to occur when I leveled up or died (e.g. caused a change of character state) while activating a piece of gear. I still got the stats for the piece I bought (and it consumed the shards); it just didn’t show as activated on the gear box menu (which suggests that it’s probably a client thing).

Nope, no boots.