Can't buy season pass

Hi all,

I got the Heist DLC and now want to buy the season pass but it says it’s unavailable. I’ve tried to contact Epic Games about it but it keeps giving me an error after the verification step.

Unfortunately, only EGS support can deal with EGS issues, which this sounds like. As far as the verification step is concerned: I’ve had a lot of issues with Firefox since advanced privacy protection was implemented as on by default. If you’re using FF, click on the shield icon beside the location bar and try turning it off just for that site. (Had a similar issue with Safari although I haven’t figured out the settings there. Chrome may also be doing something similar?)

Meanwhile, if you just want to check out pricing, you could try going through the 2K store instead?

Yeah, it was happening with Firefox then chrome too. Just done through chrome on my tablet so all good now.