Can't change password?

Seriously, there dosen’t seem to be any way i can change my email or password in this site, totally fed up

I’m pretty sure your password is based on SHiFT so you should be able to change it there.
Not sure about how you change email though.

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As far as password, @itsTwister has it right: you log in using SHiFT credentials, so that means you’d have to change there ( Not sure about the email, but you can always page one of the mods or post in the New Forums Feedback thread.

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451 days and we still can’t change the email address associated with our forum (and Shift) accounts. :confused:

I’m phasing out my old email, so I need to update my account here.

Your best bet is to contact SHiFT support and talk to them directly:

Not sure anyone here can help you change your account settings, although community manager @JoeKGBX might know who to ask about the email thing.

Yes, contacting our support team is the way to go here. They’ll be able to get you all fixed up.