Cant choose resolution higher than 1366x768 O_o

As title says. I cant change resolution higher than 1366x768 in game (other resolutions higher than that don’t even show up in the resolution list in game). Never experienced this in any other game. Ofc the game at that resolution is unplayable. Help appreciated.

Edit: I can change reslution to 1920x1080 if i change the same resolution in desktop which is dont want to do (should’t have to). This is very badly implemented and should be 100% working no matter desktop resolution like in every other game…

Anyone know a sollution?

GTX 1080ti
Windows 10


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No one has this problem or know a sollution? O_o

You mean they have to care to fix this stuff? Or that they will fix this stuff? It is such a hard POV because of the small size I have to run it on my screen. Sucks.

I have the exact same problem… have you found any fix for this. My only workaround is to change my desktop resolution to my target resolution which sucks big time.