Can't claim my Pre-order Reward… (STEP 2)

Can’t go to STEP 2 (complete Survey) because when (STEP 1) The Region (Be), then the Platform (Xbox One) and the retailer (Smartoys) where I already pre-order the game : nothing happen…

I’m juste redirecting on the website of the retelair… but I can’t do much more than that… SO impossible to go to the STEP 2 (Complete Survey).

What can I do to go on STEP 2 if I already pre-order the game in a real Shop ? (because I made advance payment)


something similar happens to me, already pre-order the game and before that I had already done the survey, but on the web I appear as if I had not booked anything

My guess is that something is blocking progression of the web site script. It could be a script or popup blocker, or it could be a privacy setting (such as blocking cookies). The quick solution would be to try a different browser that doesn’t have any plugins and default settings.


Thank you for answering.

So I tried with 2 browsers:
Chrome (Version 75.0.3770.142 (64 bit)) and Safari (Version 12.1.1), both under MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 all up to date.

And in fact, Google’s browser is a ■■■■ without a name!
I often have problems with this browser, unable to display some pages entirely. Unbelievable ! (with or without addblock, the only pluggin I have)

I also could not see all the VIP REWARDS (nothing is displayed in Chrome while under Safari: everything is there!)

So I just (almost) tested everything with Safari and it’s ok! I finally receive my rewards.

Thank you! :+1:t4:

(and Chrome will not end up in the trash, tired of this foam browser)

It’s probably a side effect of Google’s decision to have Chrome block all many of intrusive ads - I suspect sites with complex interactive features look a lot like ones with lots of intrusive ads to the detection algorithm.

In safari, it’s youtube and the other Google “services” that are often problematic (videos that do not display, for example, except after a refresh of the page, videos that cut in the middle to display a black screen)

All this gives me the impression that there must be a desire of both to not display correctly certain things if we use the competing browser. I end up being persuaded …

In Safari > Preferences, check the Privacy and Websites tabs. There are options there that may be affecting interaction with the rewards web site and videos.

There may be a pop-up ad in the middle of the video (thanks, YT!) so if that happens check the browser pop-up settings. Different browsers handle these a little differently.

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I got my stuff but i cant get the Maliwan Gun you get for the challenges on Points for the VIP page. Ive got all the boxes checked but no gun in the in game mail. Its been 3 days