Can't conect shift in Borderland 3

Hey everyone i try to conect to shift in borderland 3 but i can’t when i use my email /password they say to me “you already have a profile associated with this gearbox shift account and you can only associate one” i do not understand why someone can help me pleas

I’m having the same problem, but I was watching a streamer and he was signed in just fine through the game.

Edit: I just fixed it…by unlinking my Epic store from the SHIFT website…it signed me right in with the game

Are ya’ll on console? I wasn’t able to find a way to login to my shift account on PC. Anyone know where that is?

found this article that says it’s in the social tab

i cant log in either, but the problem seems to be a different one.
when i enter my details, i cant click the log in button as it is grayed out.
when i use the enter key to confirm instead, it just says my details are wrong even though they 100% arent

i am having the same problem