Can't connect to friend on ps4

Hi all
Me and my friend both have the handsome collection but I bought it a month ago.
He downloaded the borderlands handsome collection off ps4 store cause it’s free this month.
I can’t connect to him at all.
I’ve reset my router
And so has he.
My NAT is open.
Not sure what else I can do.

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You should probably check that you both have current PS+ (just in case) and that you both have fully updated your system and game (as pending updates can cause problems). If you can, also check the version number of the game (I’m not on PS4 so not sure where you’d view that.)

My cousin and I both got it from the ps plus free section. Most of the time we can’t connect to each other. It says to check out network cables. Its dumb because we can connect to other people via quick match and matchmaking easily.

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My nephew and I have had issues this weekend. We are able to play until about 12:30pm PDT and then we lose connection and can’t join each other again. I believe it has only been this weekend, but maybe last weekend also.

There was a BL2 update that dropped today for the new DLC (as part of the run up to BL3). Try quitting the game and grabbing the update, then see if you can connect after that.

The Servers keep locking up super hard. This has been happening since yesterday. My friends and I can play together for like an hour or so then we all get DCed and non of us can connect to each other or anyone else in matchmaking. This is the SAME thing that happened when BL1 Remastered launched. Based on all that I am thinking this is going to happen for BL3 so launch may aswell be Sept 13th for Singleplayer Sept 20th for multiplayer XD

This is an ongoing issue for me and at least half a dozen friends on PS4… never had an issue before and have no problem with our connections or anything as other games we play are fine including Borderlands Remastered. So it has to be something to do with the update/DLC drop today. Took my husband and I almost 2 hours to finally get into a game together.

I am having problems connecting with friends to

Same here. I keep getting connection failed. But then I go to join a friends game, go through the loading screen, and end up in a random party - of lvl 15s and lower…

But now it works…

Yeah it seems to work for a while then it kicks everyone and we are back to square one. Like they better be working on this cuz this is just bad.

this connection problems make me worry for borderlands 3 because the same happen to Borderlands remaster

I had bl handsome collection before the update. I was pmaying with some friends just fine until the dlc went live with an update to go with it.

I’ve been a long time fan of the series so im not going anywhere, but my friends are being quick to move to newer games do to us not being able to connect. It says to check my cables and network connection. Which are fine.

This issue has been going on since before this has gone free for ps+ users since 2015… seems like the developer s don’t give a shytt. That’s just my opinion y give out a dlc… just after giving this out for free… but not fix current issues like all of us trying to connect to friends it’s just alot of bullshyt and honestly this company going to lose profit for bl3 cause they can’t trust that this issue will be the same on launch date

Not sure what you are talking about… there were no issues with it before the new DLC/update. We have been playing it off and on for the last couple weeks without any problems connecting to anyone. But its still hit and miss right now. Sometimes we can get in and sometimes it seems to freak out, boot everyone and then we cannot connect again. Wishing they were actually giving some information as to where they are with solving this issue.

Storm there was connection issues since it went f2p for ps+ players I can see online to invite certain friends but there are 2 that can’t invite or join to me or them. So this falls within this thread on them not fixing this issue