Can't connect to host on same internet

I can’t connect to my friend or vice Versace even though our boxes are running off the same wifi and in the same room…
It says connection issues check wires or configuration. Which is bull because it’s fine. We did the diognostic and could play gta 5 online just fine.
I thought this issue was supposed to have been fixed.

Is this the Handsome Collection version, or the backwards compatible version? Are you trying to do a local LAN party, or regular on-line connection via invite or open lobby?

I am having the same problem I think. I am playing online co-op with the relatives in the same house using the same internet connection. We’re both are on the handsome collection trying to play Borderlands 2. It keeps saying check your network connection and cables and that the connection has failed @VaultHunter101

Yes, that’s exactly the error message you get for the stale data. First off, try a full power off of both consoles (disconnect the external PSU, wait 10-15 seconds before reconnecting). Then try connecting to an open game before switching back to your local coop session.

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When I was running Bl2 on two boxes in the same house we found it better to have one of them using the cable and one on wi-fi.
It ran fine doing it that way.

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Thanks everyone