Cant connect to internet

I cannot connect to the intermet on either BL2 or PS
I have the Handsome collection and XBOX1S

I couldn’t connect a few days back.
Turns out there’d been a short power cut and my modem had temporarily gone off which buggered things up.
I had to remove it from the list then add it back again.

I’m going to assume that the XB1S connects OK and that you can sign in to your account and access other content fine.

You’ll need to make sure that in your network settings, you have your NAT type set to OPEN. This makes sure that the various ports the game needs to communicate to the servers and other players are forwarded properly by your modem/router. You may need to restart the game after doing that.

If you’re still having problems after that, there’s a number of things it could be. Check this section on the forums for the posts on connectivity or connection to host for more details.

Appreciate it. You are correct in that i have access to everything else on xbox1. I will check the nat and set to open if its not (it was last time i checked) and reset my router. I will post with updates. Thank you again.

So everything was as it was supposed to be. It says “restricted, all players must be signed in” etc etc. This is rediculous. No one is signed in besides the player who has a subscription.

Honestly not seen that one, so not sure what the issue is other than perhaps the licence information has got mucked up somehow. I would suggest a full power off and restart of your XB1 as a first step. Other than that, not sure what to suggest other than filing a support ticket; you should get a response back from one of the help desk folks within 24 hours (may be longer if there’s a lot of traffic with the recent Bulletstorm release).

Link to file a ticket is just below the title on this page:

Same trouble!

Never heard from the other guy if he got a solution, but one possibility if there is more than one account on your XB1 - make sure yours is the only one signed in on the XB1. Hadn’t realised myself until tonight just how easy it was to have a second account still signed in without noticing; then, when you launch a game, their account is immediately assumed to be playing it even if they haven’t actually joined it *and there isn’t even a second controller turned on).

XB1 is weird!


Hey guys,
So from what I’ve been reading I do see that there are some known issues with BHC on XB1, BUT the posts I’ve read seem to mostly relate to online multiplayer. My question is: playing offline single-player, why do I keep getting kicked out of my games (by myself) b/c of (in-game only) connection problems. I do understand that when I may be force-signed out of XBL that I get booted but not when this is NOT the case). This has mostly been a very rare occurrence. I’ve just started in TVHM on BPS, and today I keep getting kicked out and losing progress!! :frowning: Any info is greatly appreciated!

GEARBOX: I would be happy to submit a ticket, however I’m a new member here and not quite familiar with the appropriate route to do so. Please advise.

Submitting a ticket for help isnt as hard as you’d think. It’s very self explanatory. Just fill in the fields with the correct information and the support team will contact you as soon as they can :slight_smile:

@Kitty_Jo has already given you a link for the support site.

All I can suggest at this point is that, when you first launch your session after you have your character selected then immediately check your network options and see if they are still the same.