Can't connect to my friend game but he can connecto to mine

Everytime we tried to play together i have to try to connect 15 times before being able to connect. Keep getting the same error message “Connection time out, check your connection” This started happening after the alast 2 patches.

My internet is fine and i have a good connection to him as well so what is going on?

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is he setting his connect to friend only ? or public ? yet . ?_?

He has it as any friend can join and even if he sends me an invitation i have the same issues.

Same issue here:

  • Never happened before the Halloween event.
  • No internet/connection issue in other multiplayer games.
  • Followed every suggestion/recommendation to “fix” it (unplug router, firewall, AV, port forwarding…)

Both a friend and me fail to connect to each other’s game. It only works randomly from time to time.