Cant connect to Shift Servers PS4

(Esksfan) #21

I managed to input the codes last night on my third try or so, today I cannot connect to online play at all :frowning:

(Jeffybug) #22

This may be due to you entering the game too quickly from the Main Menu. If you wait until SHiFT Authentication completes before entering the game, do you still experience an error with using the SHiFT Vending Machine?

(Storm Poet) #23

I always wait for it to properly authenticate… but it takes an overly extensive period of time between games. As for the rewards I was able to access the SHIFT vending machine in the same fashion as the guy listed above but the problem is the Authenticating message is still doing the same thing after you have played and decide to switch characters or if you decide to play multi-player. It doesn’t stop or go away in any remotely decent space of time. And I am NOT going to sit indefinitely waiting for the message to go away in between games. I shouldn’t have to restart a game EVERY time I want its features to work properly. It’s something that needs to be reported and eventually corrected. I don’t expect it to be done in the next 24 hours or anything but it should be something that is addressed sooner rather than later imo.

(Jeffybug) #24

@StormPoet – Appreciate the info. Will pass along to the team.

(Forbidden Donut) #26

I’m also having this problem, but for me it occurs at the Main Menu in the Pre-Sequel. I see “Authenticating with Gearbox SHiFT. Please wait” indefinitely. It did, however, let me add some Golden Keys yesterday. Nothing has changed on my end.

(Watcher on the wall) #27

According to the knowledge base, this issue was resolved.

I suggest submitting a ticket as the link above says.

(Storm Poet) #28

The whole point of this thread is that this issue is STILL not fully resolved. If you aren’t going to read everything posted before you post then please don’t post at all. The Mods have already said that they are letting the SHIFT team know there are still issues that need to be addressed as this isn’t an isolated incident with just one or two people. While the issue is resolved upon first logging into the game it still has the same error whenever someone switches characters or tries to play multi-player.

(Babson) #29

Same issue here… I tried the port triggering, didn’t solve the problem… Even if I let it try to log on to Shift for a long while, it jut won’t. And like everyone, no problem with BL2, only with Pre-Sequel

(Flatlinedisaster) #30

Mine worked fine the first time but my brother is having the same problem. Failed to authenticate. any answers yet?

(Storm Poet) #31

I will say that there seems to be some improvement but I haven’t played extensively in the last couple days. Once I see how it acts after a longer playing session I will post here.

@flatlinedisaster if you or your brother are still having this issue you may need to make a ticket and get some 1 on 1 help with it.

(Not what you think) #32

The Pre-Sequel connects to shift when I first start it up, but as soon as I go to the shift machine it says im not connected, so I quite and in menu screen its stuck on trying to connecti, every time i close out and start it connects, then unconnects right after game starts, just the presequel for me on PS4, hoping all this gets fixed soon, im getting the use of a PS3 for couple days to transfer my saves from my USB, and hoping no probs come up, guess no word on fixes yet

(Flatlinedisaster) #33

My brother bypassed his router and plugged directly into the modem and it worked just a fyi for anyone else having the issue. Just bypass your router to put the codes in

(Esksfan) #34

ugh, I am so not doing that, my router is a good 35 feet away from my ps4, should be no need for that I have a ticket opened and haven’t heard anything for 5 days

(Bigg Brudda) #35

After nearly a week I’ve been dealing with the same thing. At first I couldn’t connect to SHIFT at all. Then after being told the issues were corrected, I get disconnected from SHIFT after every game play. I have to restart the game in order to connect again. And when I do connect and enter a SHIFT code, by the time I reach the SHIFT vending machine in Concordia, I can’t connect to the servers. This is becoming thoroughly frustrating. I absolutely love the BL series but this right here is leaving a real bad impression and one that I mention when asked what I think of Borderlands.

(Z Optix) #36

This keeps happening to me as well.

(Jeffybug) #37

Our engineers have made some tweaks to SHiFT that should improve connectivity for Handsome Collection players on PS4. We’re still investigating the situation and hope to have a more permanent fix in place down the road.

Please let us know if you continue seeing issues!

(Storm Poet) #38

Well after a 6 hour multi-play session today (after leaving that game) I was getting the same issue with the “Authenticating…” message again. So it’s still not working after extensive playtime in a game session then returning to the Character selection screen. Thanks for the information Jeffy and I will let you know if there is anything else I notice.

(engineer, gemini, geek) #39

This is exactly what happens to me. It connects fine once entering the game fresh from the dashboard. But saving and quitting the servers do not connect. I have to close the application to reconnect.


(Rush86) #40

Yea its really wierd. But they said they are working on it. So hopefully they fix it soon

(Bigg Brudda) #41

I’ve sent many emails regarding this issue with the SHIFT servers not connecting and nothing has changed. When I log on for the first time, it works. Then when going back to the main menu I’m disconnected. NOW, I’m disconnected permanently. 4 restarts of my router, 4 restarts of the PS4 and 3 deletions and reinstalls of the game data in 3 days. I’m seriously thinking about never playing this game again. This is UNBELIEVABLY tiresome to deal with.