Cant connect to Shift Servers PS4

(Storm Poet) #42

Well from what I have seen over the last few days most (if not all) of the issues I was experiencing with Shift not authenticating between multi-player games or long sessions, and not being able to access shift in a multi-player game if you were not the host, seem to have all been fixed.

Many thanks to the SHIFT team! Great job guys and keep it up!

(Jeffybug) #43

There should be some more improvements for SHiFT for PS4 players coming in with the next update. For now, hard-resetting (not standby) on your console seems to help at least a bit.

(Nightlord Krusnik) #44

I just got the Handsome Collection a few days ago and i’m also noticing this problem with BTPS. Is there any possible way to get any info as to the expected release of the update to fix this?

(zvolkner) #45

Same here got borderlands tps a week ago and have not been able to access it. In menu says authenticating with gearbox and won’t go any further,

(Harms) #46

I’m still unable to connect.

(Purekillforce) #47

My GF and I managed to sign in on both BL2 and TPS, but after trying to access the little shift vending machine, we get the same message as has already been stated in this thread. So problem is still ongoing.

Oh, and we are both experiencing the issue where either BL2 or TPS will not create online sessions. Yes, network is fine, PS+ subs are active etc etc. No issues from either of us with other games online, only THC. We can get around this issue by going through the network connection wizard in the "System->Network menu, but this sometimes takes a couple of tries before either BL2 or TPS will create an online/friends lobby. Not sure if these issues are related, but i really hope a fix is coming. Coming from big Borderlands fans, this is very disappointing.

(Xxjacobx Xl) #48

Same here, although I have it on both games TPS And BL2. I Played online but then I tried to Redeem a SHIFT code A “Network Error” popped up…

(Dart898) #49

Same here I can use the codes using the app but I can’t even access the server on the PS4 so I can redeem them on the app but not on my PS4