Can't connect to Shift

A Friend of mine can’t play whit me anymore becaus the launcher never connect whit Shift, even after 1-2 mins.

Before the patch we looped around that issue that i invited him via Steam in my game but cos Gearbox changed it that player now need to accapt the plapla stuff we cant skip the problem anymore.

So i dont realy see an fix for that here, his Antivir don’t block it (tested it whit shutddown anti and nope) and he dont use a extra Firewall so, anyone who know a fix or help ? (Yes he has the Problem since Realese and no we don’t use special mods)

I also have this issue. Laucher keeps saying “connecting to shift” but never connects. I have tried waiting over 10mins.

Im in the same boat even after this most recent update, any chance on getting this fixed any time soon, and would there so happen to be a page of where the update specs are. also i was playing the online a couple times last week, i dont understand “tear drops falling on my head”

Little Update:

making this Homeworld Ports in router free dont apear to help so still no fix found :confused:
Port 7777 (UDP/TCP)
Port 28900 (TCP)
Port 27900 (UDP)
Port 28910 (TCP)

Again a small test Update, It wont help to Unlink / Link the Steam Acc to Shift again and it don’t apear to help to start the launcher in Admin mode, small note he is useing Win8

We still dont have found the Issue why that is happening :confused:
And what it makes even more annoying, in Borderlands 2 he can connect whit Shift and use Golden Keys so i cant even tell now if its a Bug or just a problem now whit the ports or something completly different.

Suddenly, today I cannot connect to shift… Never happened since release for me.

Yeah same problem but I can’t see anywhere to link my Steam account to my Shift account, can anyone help?

some firewalls may not like the way shift works.

the shift client is hard-coded to use port 5000 on your pc to establish a TCP connection to the server (do NOT forward this port, read down for further info).

port 5000 is within the old ephemeral port range, win XP (1024-5000). hence, some apps may reserve it…

the new IANA ephemeral range is 49152-65535 (used in win vista/7).

using a hard-coded port# for client communication, they should stay away from those ranges (bad design), unless you request the port and maintain the connection until releasing it…

from the MSDN docs:

Client network applications should always bind to ephemeral ports (by specifying port 0 in the SOCKADDR structure pointed to by the name parameter when calling the bind function)

additionally, some firewalls might not allow traffic back for ports other than the ephemeral range… for those firewalls you would need a custom rule to allow only’ established’ connections (connections initiated by your PC, not by the remote end) on port 5000 tcp (assuming they are SPI). however, this is NOT the same as forwarding a port, since a forwarded port is always open, to all connections… so DO NOT EVER do this (if anyone tells you otherwise, they are wrong).

this is especially true of school, and corporate networks (in many such cases, it will be blocked).

if he’s using such a network, talk to the administrator, or write a support ticket to gearbox to fix shift client, and link it to my post. lol.

foregoing all the above, it may just have been a problem with shift at the time… or some other problem with the coding of the client.

Well Thanks forward from me, he is sitting in his own homenetwork so thats not the problem and we will test that after he get his lazy ass back from work today :slight_smile: and yep, Support will get that in his face x) becaus its looks like the own support didnt know about this Port

well, you can test by forwarding it, then disabling the forwarding.

even though you could enable forwarding only while playing the game, that port will still be open to anyone on the internet. so if there are any exploits in the network socket, well… also, as i said, some other application might be listening on that port, which might end up even worse.

so, at your own risk and use only for testing, to see if your firewall has an issue with forwarding these ports (don’t use it as a permanent solution).

also, you can use ‘netstat -an’ from command prompt. make sure there is an entry (after it connects to shift), or make sure there is nothing on that port before:

TCP 192.168.x.x:5000 ESTABLISHED

5000 is the port on your pc, 443 is the HTTPS (SSL) port for the server, and 54.86.x.x was it’s last known IP (which is actually amazon cloud hosting).

actually, if you use ‘netstat -abn’, it should display the executable name Launcher.exe, but the display is much more cluttered.

but honestly, in a home environment, this doesn’t seem like a likely cause of the problem.

you can check your windows firewall (or disable it for testing temporarily, if you’re using a router).

start > control panel > windows firewall > advanced settings > inbound rules.

make sure there are entries for Homeworld Remastered Collection. make sure they are ‘Enabled’. if not, dbl-click them, and enable them.

dbl-click them anyways, and go to the ‘Advanced’ tab. make sure ‘Domain’, ‘Private’, and ‘Public’ are checked. or whatever ones you want enabled, depending on what you set your network location profile to.

only other issues, are as stated, some coding in the client (maybe it didn’t pop eula, or something and is not configured correctly, no way of confirming). or some other random variables like double-NAT, which some apps do not like, or various specific router makes/models not handling specific traffic (but this is just HTTPS/SSL)… so i can’t see what the problem is.

Well as you guesed, yep it didn’t help that the launcher can connect to shift, but well we now nearly tried all x) and win fierwall is offline, his Antivierus was on and off and we tried all ports and the launcher still won’t connect to shift, even after unlink and relink the Steam acc in Shift so well im kinda out of idear now x)

Sooooo, sometimes the easy way is the derpest, One way how to fix it (somekind)

If you or a Budy has this problem that the launcher wont connect to shift and he cant accept the eula beta thing to connect, give the steam acc someone who can, connect, accapt the stuff and then he can get invited again in the games, keep in mind, the person still cant start the homeworld MP by himself/launcher but he can accapt now the invites to join the game or he can join via steam the games (and open that way the HW:MP)

But! You only should do this if you trust the person enogh xP