Cant connect to shift

(xhockeyplayer) #1

I confirmed my email but no confirmation code for the game was sent

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #2

If you go to and click on the “Gaming Platforms” button (visible once you’ve signed in), does it show XBox Live as being linked to your SHiFT account? If not, you can link your GT from there. Just make sure you type it in correctly, because the linked profile IDs don’t show afterwards (it’ll either say “LINKED” or “Not Linked”)

(andrewwestphal) #3

I’m having a sorta differnt issue I’ve confirmed my account but when I go to click on the Xbox Live it says sign in but then it says an error in the authorization process and it lets me link it to my Facebook and all the other ones open up no problem but I don’t have the other ones to link it to I’m trying to link it to my Xbox so I can get support to help me get my keys that I lost so how do I get past this it won’t let me link it to my Xbox live profile and I need to I need my 53 keys back

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #4

Not sure what the issue is, but the last time I saw something similar it turned out that the individual concerned had accidentally entered the wrong email address on one side or the other of the synchronization process. From memory, that’s unfortunately not easy to check as an end-user.

If you go directly to and look on the “Gaming Platforms” tab, what do you actually see for the XBox Live entry? For reference, this is what I see on mine:


And, when you launch the game:

  • What do you see after the small status box shows that it’s trying to authenticate to the SHiFT server?
  • What do you see when you go into the SHiFT menu in-game (Extras>SHiFT Code), including available options along the bottom of the main SHiFT dialog box?